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1974 Tipping Point JP.jpg

A father and son standing together. A brutal political conflict. Can they, and their bond, survive?

1986 Harry Walks into a Bar.jpg

A detective on a night off. A carefree teenager encircled by predators. Can H take care of the situation alone?

2001 Peter Brady.jpg

A broken, grieving man without a friend. No hope in sight. Can Harry Hawkins help get him the justice he needs?

2017 Unsafe Space.jpg

A badly beaten student. Two desperate parents. A system gone insane.

1978 On Tour.jpg

A chaotic journey into excess. A twenty-year-old on the verge of adulthood. How much more mayhem can he stand?

1994 On Margate Beach.jpg

A trip to the coast. Two lost souls. Danger on the beach

2003 Home front.jpg

Mounting, unstoppable evil. A city in panic. Can Harry Hawkins stand the strain?

2019 Amisha's Chice.jpg

A traumatised woman, stalked once again. Will she take the law into her own hands?

1984 Counter Punch.jpg

A ruthless promotor, driven by greed. A boxer's life destroyed. A need for justice.

1995 That's Life.jpg

An IRA execution squad. An old friend in danger. Will Harry Hawkins step up?

2013 First Contact.jpg

A grizzled veteran. A fast-tracked newbie. Can they partner up to resolve a shocking kidnap before tragedy strikes?