"I consumed Blood On The Streets in a day. It gripped me in chapter one, careered me around London, ducking the gunfire and absorbing a new character that, I'm sure, will become as familiar as Harry Bosch and Jack Reacher. "H" Hawkins is the (imaginary) love child of Jack Regan and Jane Tennyson. An old school copper who has scant regard for political correctness and villans' human rights. He's deeply flawed and has relationship issues. But he picks you up, straps you in and takes on a roller coaster ride through the seamier faces of South London and its characters. 
I'm looking forward to see how Harry Hawkins develops and where the London Large franchise will go." - AK, Amazon

"London Large is an awesome old-school crime thriller that you can get your teeth into. Our protagonist is Detective Harry Hawkins is the loose-cannon, doesn’t suffer fools type from years gone by that seem to be making a long overdue return these days. The writing is as you’d expect for a book like this, sparse enough to let the action and dialogue do its job without cluttering up the page with unnecessary adjectives. A nice pacey plot gets going early on and I was carried along nicely so that I felt the just-a-few-more-pages syndrome that you only get with really gripping books. Glad to see this is the first in a trilogy so I can’t wait to read what Harry gets into next." - Rosey, Amazon

"Harry ‘H’ Hawkins is a world weary, worn out and tired copper. Tired of life, tired of living in a world that's changing so fast he cannot keep up, tired of the endless gangland violence that's gripping his city. And it’s not a situation that's about to get any better as we are launched into this book faster than an 'exocet missile honed in on it's target'.

From the start we, alongside ‘H’, are thrown into gruesome action with the murder of the wife whose husband once saved our protagonists’ life in the Falklands all those years ago. H, fuelled by his eye-for-an-eye values, loyalty towards his best friend and love of his city, sets off on an investigation that leads to a rampage of revenge.

The non-stop action doesn’t dwindle but keeps on rising as we tumble through sequence after sequence of brutal violence, clever plots and unapologetic chaos only interrupted by H’s old school, sharp wit.

On the surface London Large: Blood on the Streets is a gritty, gripping crime novel, filled with suspense and a page-turning narrative, but delve a little deeper and you’ll find all types of themes. Class conflict, a story of true friendship, tangible human faults and the struggles of modern life to which we can all relate." - stevensbabby, Amazon

"The thriller is my favourite genre of novel, and London Large is as gripping as it is gritty. We follow hardened London cop Harry Hawkins, as he faces down a criminal threat unlike any other in his 30 years of service. His battle is made all the more difficult by a heavy drink problem, developed to deal with the horrors of the Falklands war.
The streets of London are now dangerous place to be, and with roadblocks put in his way by the media, a cover up, and conspiracy, will this troubled copper get the streets on London under control?
It is a thriller that doesn't shy away from the tough stuff and poses the question: when you're part of the law, is it every okay to break it for the right end result? I can't wait to read the next installment." - Gemma, Amazon

"Edge of your seat’ crime thriller doesn't qualify here unless your seat is strapped with superstring fireworks hovering just above a family of honey badgers. Out from the gates it begs you to keep up, drizzling clever similes on unsuspecting plot twists, laced with believable action sequences supported by a well choreographed narrative, it doesn’t get mired in superfluous exposition or at any point betray the reader’s loyalties. London is restless, with brutal villains at large. Their heinous crimes unconscionable and Harry ‘H’ the kind of hard-boiled, witty, no nonsense and old school detective readers will be eager to cheer on." - Arthur Moon, Goodreads

"WAIT FOR IT .......


'H' has arrived and takes no prisoners in the first of this south London based crime thriller series.From the first few lines you are served a taste of the old school blood, guts and courage we expect from 'sarf' of the river.I loved it and lost two days in joyful oblivion soaking up an underworld I never knew existed.Well done boys - genius." - Amazon Customer

"London Large is the most exciting book I've read in years. H's pursuit through the London streets is fast paced and exhilarating, I could hardly put it down." - BJR, Amazon